Smarthelmen/helmen met communicatie

Zoek je naar een communicatie systeem voor op de fiets of wil je beter gezien worden in het verkeer? Wij hebben beide oplossingen.

SENA: heeft verschillende communicatiesystemen. De Universele SENA Pi plaats je op je bestaande helm en kan je mee communiceren tot 400 meter. Andere systemen geïntegreerd in een helm kunnen tot 900 meter communiceren.

LUMOS: de verlichting op de helm maakt je zeer zichtbaar en op ooghoogte van automobilisten. De veiligste manier om door het verkeer te gaan!

Lumos Ultra E-Bike MIPS fietshelm



Lumos Ultra E-Bike 

MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) MIPS is a sliding plane system inside the helmet designed to slow down or prevent the amount of energy transmitted to or from the head." 

Integrated COB LED lighting, turn signals and smart features for your safety in one stylish package. Wearing a light on your helmet high up on your head has several advantages. First, it allows you to be seen better by motorists on the road. You are less likely to be overlooked by parked cars or other things on the road. Second, your helmet's illumination allows motorists to see where you're looking much better, making it easier to approach you. Chips On Board (COB) is a method of LED construction that has a number of advantages over more conventional technologies. It allows for a more compact build while delivering higher light intensity, which means you can be seen from a greater distance. It also results in a more uniform light output. We like to call it our current best LED technology. We listened to our customers' feedback and paid very close attention to how Ultra directs air through its internal ventilation system. We created three huge vents in the back of the helmet to ensure hot air is pushed out and keeps the rider cool, whether commuting or sport riding. 2-Step Pivoting Visor. New full circle fit system with hairport and vertical adjustability and improved durability with full PC surface coverage.


82 front LEDs.
34 red and 34 orange rear LEDs each
Rear turn signal


7 ventilation openings


3.7V 1250mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery
Battery life: max. 10 hours in flash mode, max. 2.5 hours in solid mode
Wireless: Bluetooth 4.2

MIPS integrated


M/L (54 cm - 61 cm)
Weight: Approx. 370g

€ 230,00 stuk

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30 lumen

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1x LUMOS Ultra E-bike MIPS
1x LUMOS Remote Control Lite (incl. rubber bands for fastening)
1x Handleiding
€ 230,00 stuk
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