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Ram Mount  Tablet-houder HOL-TAB-LGU

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Tablet-houder HOL-TAB-LGU

Deze tablet-houder is geschikt voor de meeste 10" tablets. De tablet-houder wordt geleverd met 2 sets "gootjes" (zie foto) voor tablets van verschillende breedtes/diktes. De afmetingen kan je hieronder terugvinden, onder de TAB3 en TAB17 cradle info.

Achteraan op deze tablet-houder kan een ronde schijf met RAM-bol monteren (RAM-B202, zie hier), deze is niet in dit pakket inbegrepen en moet je dus apart bijbestellen indien nodig.

Van de RamMount website :

Get the most out of your tablet with the RAM Tab-Tite™ universal clamping cradle. With 2 sets of interchangeable cup ends, ranging from different sizes and features, you can fit the cradle to your tablet for a near custom fit. This spring loaded design makes it easy to load and unload your tablet, along with keeping it secure while on the go. Cup ends are designed to optimize the functionality of your tablet, allowing access to audio jacks, usb, power, and other ports, your tablet can be used just as it was intended. Perfect for stationary or on the go applications, this new RAM product is just what you need to get the most out of your mobile device.

Included is a set of four nuts and bolts to connect the cradle to any RAM components or mounts that contain the universal AMPs hole pattern.

For off-road environments and extreme use, we recommended the use of a tether to assist in retaining your device. The Tab-Tite™ cradle is compatible with any tablet that will fit the dimensions listed below. It is important to verify the dimensions of your tablet when determining the overall size.

(TAB3) Cradle Dimensions:

  • Height: 8.5" minimum to 11.125" maximum (21.76 cm tot 28,48 cm)
  • Width: Maximum to 7.75" (19.84 cm)
  • Edge Depth: Maximum to 0.56" (1.43 cm)

(TAB17) Cradle Dimensions:

  • Height: 9.5" minimum to 11.75" maximum (24.32 cm tot 30.08 cm)
  • Width: Maximum to 8.25" (21.12 cm)
  • Edge Depth: Maximum to 1.10" (2.82 cm)


1. Support cups contain open slots to accommodate for tablets of various sizes
2. Back plate can support various size support cups
3. Spring loaded tension provides secure support for your tablet
4. Spring loaded cradle allows for quick release of your tablet
5. Full access to all ports


High Strength Composite

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